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About Me: Team Members
About Me: Team Members
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HOME is with my wife Danii and our dog, Pixie. Danii and I love travel and exploration (She is a qualified Yachtmaster and remotely manages legal navigational software for superyachts). We married in Crete and approach life as an adventure. Pixie is a princess, refusing to leave the house unless its 18°C and sunny.

I have a close family with 5 brothers and sisters. My mother was a single parent who while living in a one bed flat did night classes and eventually built up a national company. From her I learnt you can achieve anything with a strong work ethic.
Weekends were spent with my father. He was a South African national and came to the UK with £10 in his pocket. He too became successful, running the IT department of West Mercia police. He was always relaxed and positive in any situation, a trait I'm told I have in common. Sadly he passed away, but while alive he loved our annual camping trips, which we still hold every year in his memory.

WORK has allowed me to visit incredible places and meet fascinating people. Whether it's filming brain surgery, spending 48 hours in a homeless shelter or having lunch with a Princess of Yugoslavia, I enjoy interacting with all spectrums of humanity. Everybody deserves to be heard and fantastic stories often come from unlikely sources.

I've led and worked on some great projects with brilliant teams. ​I've directed crews across Britain, outside the UK and in difficult environments, overseen multi camera shoots from boat races on the London Thames to a road trip across Romania, and filmed alone in countries like Greece and Egypt.

I've also made lifelong friends while road tripping both alone and with teams across different countries on various productions, with the most rewarding often the most challenging. I'm fortunate that many of the crews I work with continue to want to be involved on my projects and will go above and beyond for the production.

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PLAY for me is all about exploration, discovery and adventure. For me the best way to do all those is by foot, and so I love walking. Mainly in the countryside, whether by Mountains, Forest or Sea, closely followed by any city that can trace it's roots to antiquity. Which also lend themselves to another of my passions, photography. 

I also have a fascination with history. From the classical era to the renaissance, the Enlightenment to the 20th Century, whether it's accounts from figures like Herodotus and Plutarch or standing within the Roman Forum, nothing to me is more intriguing than discovering the secrets of the past.

When I'm not swotting up on an interesting era or donning my hiking boots I'm generally found making things, from pottery to wood crafting, I enjoy creating something from nothing. One of my favourite creations was building a motorised camera slider using a wooden shelf, metal tracks and a mirror ball motor.

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