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| James Edwards BA (Hons) BJTC

| Producer Director

From making primetime documentaries for BBC 2 to Producing and Directing on Countryfile and Panorama, I take projects from pitch to screen. I’ve filmed alone in countries such as Greece and Egypt, and overseen complex productions and multi camera shoots, from boat races on the London Thames to a road trip across Romania.

With an assured and encouraging style of direction I'm visually creative and get the best out of production and on-screen talent, making programmes with energy, cinematic treatments and natural performances. Followed with confident producing in the edit I deliver strong narratives, polished and engaging programmes in tight timeframes with limited resources.

                                                                                                        | Drone Pilot: CAA A2 CofC Drone Pilot with DJI Air2S

                                                                                    | Camera Trained: Sony, Canon, DJI Ronin/Osmo, Insta 360

                                                                                    | Edit training: Avid MC, FCP X

                                                                                    | Safety training: Emergency First Aid, NALS Production Safety

                                                                                    | Legal: Media Law, Data Protection, Compliance, OFCOM

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"James has made network documentaries for me and for other execs on difficult subjects with flair and skill and works well within the tightest of budgets. He generates ideas, plans his films meticulously, can handle any subject, self-shoots to broadcast standard and delivers quality audio. I've no doubt James will be an asset to any team he works with and will deliver top quality programmes on time and within budget."

- Ingrid Kelly, BBC Executive Producer

Panorama | The One Show | Inside Out

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